View Full Version : dslr for microscope

09-11-11, 11:33 AM
I've been looking for an answer to this question for days now with no success :(

It seems that SLRs have much better characteristics than dedicated microscope cameras and are more cost effective. However I have the following problem:

I want to attach a high pixel count, high sensitivity SLR to a microscope. This part is easy if I get the right mount adapter. The problem comes with the second requirement.

I want to connect the camera to a PC with live feed in FULL SPECS (i.e. full pixel count and manual adjustment of settings such as white balance).

After some research I found that some cameras like the Canon 5D mark II have the ability to feed a real time image to a pc through HDMI. But by reading the user guide, I found that this feed is actually a degraded cersion of the recording (i.e. not full pixel count). And there didn't seem to be any info for manual adjustment of the recording parameters. Of course I could record locally on the SD card and then play the movie through HDMI in full specs, but that;s not acceptable. I need the real-time aspect.

Does anyone know if such a camera exists? A camcorder would be fine too. I liked the 5D because of the 21 Mpixels and the high sensitivity, pitty it has such an inferior live feed.