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30-10-11, 06:22 PM
Im having some problems with this as it wont open my RAW files:mad:
I put the camera on RAW setting as you would and after transfering to my pc tried to open them with Paint Shop Pro.
The file im trying to open is IMG_0632.CR2

I get a message "The Specified File cannot be identified as a supported type"

Im a bit baffled at this because I am following instructions through a magazine for photography beginners. It suggest you use Corals Paint Shop Pro x2 !!

So what is wrong ?

31-10-11, 07:29 AM
Hi it most probably due to the fact it does not support your RAW format, what camera do you have. You could try and download the gimp and try that its free.

Phil Hall
31-10-11, 09:24 AM
If you've got an old version of Paint Shop Pro, it may be tricky to update your software so it supports your Canon Raw files. A quick glance at Corel's website see's they only support X3 and X4 for software updates.

If your tempted to upgrade to a newer version, it'll cost you 59. Our advice would be to jump over to Photoshop Elements 10 for image editing - it's got many of the tools of Photoshop and features a decent Raw converter that allows much great control than Photo Shop Pro. It's a bit more at around 75-79.

Gimp is a great option also at it's free to download, but might not support your Canon Raw files.