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07-09-11, 08:42 AM

I was wondering whether to buy a new entry level DSLR or a second hand mid range unit. The units I was considering were a Canon 1100D (new) or a Canon 40D (old). I would plan to use the camera in manual or AP or SP modes and am interested in picture quality. Any advice would be greatfully received.

07-09-11, 03:30 PM
I would consider a 500d or 550d as well they are better IMHO than 1100d. I would stay away from second hand but thats just my opinion

Nigel Atherton
07-09-11, 04:20 PM
Funnily enough our main feature in the next issue is about new vs secondhand. if the used model is from a retailer and in good condition and they're offering a warranty it's worth considering depending on what features are most important to you from these:

Canon 40D better for:
Build quality
Handling (inc top LCD and external button placement)
Burst rate (6.3fps)

Canon 1100D better for:
Smaller, lighter

Comparng image quality is tougher. The 40D was great in its day but the newer 1100D, wit its newer sensor, should be a bit better. We haven't compared them.

07-09-11, 09:59 PM
Thanks for the revealing reply. Picture quality was one of my main concerns - so it sounds like I should spend on new 1100 device or maybe look for a 500/550 instead.

I like the idea of the top LCD screen which is missing from these Canons.