View Full Version : 550d VS D5100 VS A55 ( live view - low light - easy of use )

dslr new beginner
04-09-11, 03:50 PM
hi there

i'm totally new both here or using the dSLRs
i'm moving from using point and shoot cuz of the totally unacceptable low light shots.. lacking the image stablizing.. and usable high ISO photos

also i like shooting alot.. so i think i will make use of the new camera

so.. i knw the selected camera has so similar options and abilties.. weak/strong points

so that i hope u tell me the best for my uses and requriements

holiday - outings - indoors - lowlight photos
80% for handheld group/single full body pics in the outings with some backgrounds without flash ( 50% of them in low light )

what i care for:
FULL TIME live view - good image stabilizing - high ISO performance - easy of use - some auto smart modes - sharp pics

what i DONT care for:
view finder - anything else

usually i dont do crops at all.. so dont care alot about zooming the the pics or cropping it.. ( i mean i hope the pics dont have appearing noise while i'm not zooming the pic.. )

with my budget i will only use the kit lens and maybe after 6 months or more i will get a 50 mm 1.8 lens

thnx alot and waiting ur opinions

04-09-11, 04:30 PM
Hi looking at what you have said I would look at a 4/3 type camera which has electronic or lcd view, but still has interchangeable lenses.

Blitz Photography & Prod
05-09-11, 02:34 PM
dslr new beginner

well if you get the 550D you would be buying a good DSLR cant speak for the other 2 models
as im a Canon user but you would have a good cam to do the things what you have said above and all so what wave said about other makes of cams
one thing you will need is a better lens kit lens are not going to be as sharp as you might think so
all so get a good tripod you will need that in low light
as people on this forum will tell you it takes a bit to build up lens for your DSLR unlesss your a lotto winner lol

all the best
Russ :)