View Full Version : Best 150 compact for movies

28-08-11, 06:23 PM
Hi Guys

I am very new to this so all advice appreciated.

I am off to India on a charity expedition next week and I want to take still and also some video footage to turn into a 15 minute film when I get back as a memento and a bit of fun

I have around 150 to spend (and I know I am not going to get cinema quality but want to find the best I can get)

We are travelling by auto rickshaw and most of the footage will be in transit so things will be moving quickly but I dont plan to film at any level of zoom.

Filming will usually be done during the day althought there could be some low light required

There will be plenty of chances to charge it so not worried about battery life etc

I don't want a dedicated video camera as I will be using the camera afterwards as my own camera and I have no need for a camcorder

I am going to also buy plenty of mem cards for storing the footage

There are loads of camera that all claim to record in HD but I have no idea which have the best image stabilisation

Thanks in advance