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28-08-11, 04:18 PM
I am used to using a Canon 350d, but as I broke it whilst cleaning it, I had to get a camera for a wedding I went to yesterday. Time was tight, so I went to Argos and my first choice was a Canon Powershot sx130, which was out of stock even though it was on display in the shop.

So I looked at the special offers, the Samsung PL 211 was half price, and again out of stock.

With time pressing, I chose the Samsung WB690, which was reduced by 50 to 149.

With little time spare and no chance to read the guide, I just had to literally point, and shoot.

I haven't really given it time to make an informed decision on this camera, but I was pleased with a few of the photo's, however there were a few that were a bit fluffy.

Now I need to get a tiny screwdriver and try to put the spring back in my 350d, as I have 4 decent lenses for it. Or, if I cannot fix it, I will be saving up for a 550d and a new lens. I have the chance to earn 3 weeks overtime, which will kill me, but it would pay for the new camera and lens. So I may well do that.

Anyway, nice to meet you guys.


28-08-11, 04:27 PM

13-01-12, 05:01 AM
Hello! Nice photos! I am also please with Samsung WB690, especially the images taken by the device. The fact that the price is very reasonable, the features are awesome too! But, I am planning to buy a new Samsung camera as soon as Samsung smart cameras are released. A while ago I came across this post entitled "Samsung and others announce smart cameras at CES (http://www.appisaurus.com/2444-smart-cameras/)". The article gave me the idea of the new smart cameras this 2012! I really love the next generation of cameras which can do so much over snap pictures! I can't wait to purchase the latest camera of Samsung! :)

Blitz Photography & Prod
13-01-12, 06:26 AM
hi mark
nice images from the Samsung
but like you said about working the over time to get your self a 550D and lens will be better
and worth it ive just up dated my old 500D for 2 new 550D's bodys nice and easy to use all so better at handling iso noise then my 500D did in low light when taken raw images and then editing them in Adobe CS5 Camera Raw plugin later in post

all the best
Russ :)