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27-08-11, 08:42 AM
Which one???

Hello, I've shortlisted 2 compacts. Lumix FX700 and Lumix TZ20. I can get them for a very similar price.
Pros and cons please.
I visit a lot of National Trust properties, I like to take pictures in doors and often the flash isn't allowed, but I also like to take pictures around the grounds, some have very old farm equipment which can give good b/w photos.

Any ideas which is the better of the two as an all rounder?

I also need to be able to slip it into the front pocket of my jeans. Anything else in the same price range. I need to order this weekend, my camera (Ixus 800) has mysteriously vanished so I am without one now :(



27-08-11, 05:18 PM
Not much inbetween the two cameras, however in the TZ20 you do get a rather nice leica lens built into it ;D