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24-08-11, 04:17 PM
After using my Finepix S1800 for some time, I have recently needed to return to my old Canon EOS 500 film camera and was amazed at the brightness and size of the viewfinder image after the Finepix. If I get a lower rangeDigital SLR (say Canon 1100d ) can I expect at least such a good viewfinder image as the old Canon? As an artist I often take photos of paintings and the accuracy and clarity of the viewfinder image are vital. Any guidance would be welcome.

26-08-11, 06:31 PM
Viewfinders vary from camera to camera with DSLR's just the same as with film SLR's. If you want clear vision you need a camera with a large bright OPTICAL viewfinder as apposed to an electronic viewfinder. A camera with a particularly good viewfinder is a Nikon D90, but you need to go to a camera shop and try a few.