View Full Version : Colour printing problems

17-08-11, 11:59 AM
Currently using Epson DX6000. I tried printing from the image on screen, but the resulting image looks nothing like, ie darker, different colour cast. I did play around within the printer controls, ie glossy paper, photo quality, but the result was nothing like the image on screen. What is ICM, and should I have clicked this. I am not using 'genuine' inks, but was expecting better. Maybe I should just order from a printers??

18-08-11, 07:29 AM
What program are using to print the picture thats first question next what camera do you have and computer

18-08-11, 09:18 AM
ICM means international colour management. It's the windows version of ICC. Check your colour space to see if they are all the same

18-08-11, 04:17 PM
your camera and printer and computer should all use the same colour profile ie SRGB.