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modern day cowboy
16-08-11, 09:53 PM
hello to all
i`m new to this so please be gentle ,im looking for a compact to take to gigs , yeh i know a dslr would provide better results but to be honest 1, i wont take it out with me and ,2, many venues dont allow them in , i go to 50+ gigs a year mainly small to medium venues , the odd arena and some festivals ,yep, i love live music !, i try to fight to the front but sometimes not possible so a decent zoom is a must,hd video would be a nice addition tho ive found in the past that the sound capture is almost inaudible ,tho it would be nice to capture the kids plays and stuff,i love exploring churches and i my house backs onto the countryside so i get fantastic sunsets to snap away at ,
my shortlist of two at the moment is
samsung wb710 179 ,and lumix tz20, 219, this is about my limit , i`m sure there are many other suggestions too.the camera must be able to `point and shoot` and have manual features for me to explore ,experiment and get creative with if possible ? am i asking too much ?

thanks for reading


17-08-11, 12:34 AM

A little over your price range but well worth it for sure, you get
DSLR image quality in a really small body, you'll be able to use really really high ISO's (which you'll need for gigs and churches) without too much of a worry with regards to noise.

As many manual controls as you could want

A fantastic automatic mode

A fast lens allowing more light to go into the camera (gigs and churches are soo dark, you need a very fast lens for photographing them, I use an f/1.8 lens and still struggle sometimes)

HD movies, always a nice bonus :)

Hope this helps :)


modern day cowboy
17-08-11, 11:16 AM
Thank you, it does look a cracking bit of kit, tho, as you say out of my price league, but, thanks for taking the time to reply