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Patrick Haley
14-08-11, 11:55 AM
HI guys!

As an amateur photographer about to start my studies at Manchester University Iím hoping to generate extra money in my spare time (hopefully instead of getting a soul destroying Tesco-esque job). I have considered this for a long time but now seems ideal because I have access to funds now, whilst not of a considerable amount, it would allow me quite a bit of buying power through Jessops etc.

The problem is I donít really know where to go about it. I canít really do portraiture for clients because I canít afford premises yet, so the only bet would be to do them on location which I canít really see a market for. Other elements of photography such as with weddings (I have trawled through this site for wedding photography advice and it seems a very Ďprofessionals onlyí sort of club) and sports seem financially draining to set-up and whilst Iím entrepreneurial Iíd rather take well crafted advice from the likes of you guys and then contemplate further.

So really, the question is, where does the money lie with photography and where should I start? I will have a huge target market in the City but my research has proved fruitless... I've even drafted a whole photography business plan to aid this.

I have a Sony Alpha A380 with its standard lens and a Tamron 70-300mm lens (which I would definitely advise anybody to buy if they can get hold of one) and am reasonably competent with my equipment although I am definitely considering going mental with my card and seeing what Santander have to say when they realise they I have no money left ;)

Paddy :)

14-08-11, 03:07 PM
Hi Paddy, firstly I think most of us on this site are amateurs, as many of the posts for advice reveal. Many like me have been snapping for over 50 years, and have graduated from our own darkrooms into the world of digital. I used to do weddings back then and it was a good earner. If you're trying it then do get a very good flash unit, a reflector or two, and a wide angle lens, 10-20mm, f3.5 e.g. If you placed an ad in any free newspaper you should get a response. Check out what the local snappers are charging for weddings and work out your target from there. An assistant is desirable who can organize your next pic while you are doing the current one. Check out shooting order also. Try being a volunteer assistant to a pro and learn from that. Some will welcome the free labour, while you gain knowledge for your own business. It need only be for a few weddings and then you'll be away. I wish you success. Mike.