View Full Version : I fianlly got me a DSLR :)

13-08-11, 05:09 PM
Slightly out of date I believe, but Ive just bought my first DSLR camera :)

Its the Canon 1000D and what a difference in pic quality though I am obviously struggling with a few things like taking a decent picture indoors at night .

One thing I was wondering is what is RAW and how is it different to JPEG ? And am i right in saying it is better to take a picture in RAW mode then edit later ?

14-08-11, 11:18 AM
Hi RAW format has every detail stored in it of your picture. So you will need a RAW converter canon provide this with DPP with a picture taken in RAW you adjust the white balance and exposure boost contrast etc. with jpeg you can alter some of these but you have a lot less control as the picture file has already been compressed. As for taking flash pictures canon flash acts as a fill in not the main source. you are also limited to the speed with which you are synced too. you need to look at things like that. look at this link

14-08-11, 11:39 AM
RAW converter? Well I have three disks. one a manual and the other two is "Step up photography2" ( which doesnt do anything but tell me whats on the disc like languages and layouts?) and the other is "EOS Digital Solution Disk" ..are either of these RAW converters ?

14-08-11, 12:25 PM
ah i see which disk :)