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13-07-11, 04:00 PM
hi i have recently been getting into landscape photography. for most of my photography i use my 50mm and telephoto . ihave been using my 50mm for the bit of landscape photography i have done but i want to get a wide angle lens i have about 300 to spend and have ofund a few prime lenses that have good reivews but would really like a lens that would go form wide to ultra wide if possible but i dont no if there are nay in my price range.
aslo if any one knows of good old lenses i.e. for film cameras i would consider using them as i still love using my canon ae-1.

14-07-11, 05:00 PM
Sigma do a 10-20mm wide angle costing about 360 and Tamron do a 10- 24 for about 370. Hope this helps...graham

18-07-11, 08:06 PM
I recently borrowed a Sigma 10-20 lens. A cracking lens I thought.
Regards. GAZ.

19-07-11, 08:48 AM
Hi, there are some great used lenses with warranties to be found at places like Mifsuds for example, and ultra wide lenses are great for landscapes providing you watch out for 'tilting perspectives'. I have the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 and it's a superb lens. But any good 28mm lens should be fine for landscapes and they can be bought quite cheaply new. All the best, Mike.