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12-07-11, 11:18 PM
I purchased a Fuji F601Zoom in 2002. It died in 2005 after the lens failed to retract back into the camera.

I purchased another F601 Zoom in 2005 as I was so used to the 1st one I bought, and I loved the functions and how easy it was to use. Unfortunately that died in 2008 with lines going down the screen, and pictures coming out in odd colours (if you knocked the camera with your hand it would give you the correct colours and the lines would disappear) but again it was the lens that failed to come out of the camera.

I purchased an F100fd in 2008 and that has died today in 2011. It won't power up with the main switch and it won't even show the pictures using the display button (yes I checked the batteries).

All 3 camera's broke within 3 years of owning them.

I love the functions and quality of the Fuji camera's, but i am loathed to spend another 250 - 300 on a camera for it to die within another 3 years and again just out of warranty.

I have been loyal to Fuji, but now I am just annoyed at them. I would like to change make but have no idea what to go for...

I like small camera's, but not small enough that it blows over in the wind, plus I don't like them too big, that you need a suitcase to carry it around.

I hate them feeling like plastic, which is why I liked Fuji as they were metal cased.

I would like to stick with my SD & XD card as I have loads and don't really want to buy other types.

I would prefer a camera where I can charge it while the battery is in place like my old F601 and not have to keep taking it out like the F100fd. I loved the docking station that came with the F601.

I am probably being picky, but if I'm using it daily I want it to look stylish but be functional at the same time.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

13-07-11, 09:10 AM
Hi there, first I'm surprised at your probs with Fujifilm cameras, I still have two of them and my first is 8 years old and going strong, my 2nd is the S9500, 6 years old and works great, never had 1 problem even. However, now you 're looking for a replacement, have you looked at the Panasonic FZ45, it scored a 90% in the WDC test which is good. It has a 14mp sensor, and a whopping zoom of 25-600mm, with 16x optical zoom. It also takes SD cards. I do hope you are successful in your next choice, but do TRY out any new camera with you own SD card and see how the images are when you get home. Any shop will let you do this, if not what are they hiding?. All the best.

13-07-11, 01:08 PM
The Nikon P500 might also be an option for you, as it has excellent build quality and charges the battery in camera via a USB lead. The review is here; http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/compactcameras/129083/1/nikon-coolpix-p500-review.html

13-07-11, 03:40 PM
Thank you for the replies.

I have spent the whole of today going through lots of cameras.

Canismajor - I hadn't thought of taking pictures on my SD card and then looking at them when I get home, but I will definitely do that the next time I buy another camera which may be within the next 3 years.

Matt - Unfortunately the Nikon P500 wasn't in stock so I couldn't look at it.

I went into a little independent and asked to see what they had in camera's, i went through the range and ended up choosing 3 cameras. The owner went into great length about the pro's and con's of each camera

I like the Panasonic TZ20 & TZ10 and the Fuji F500EXR

I spent over an hour deciding over the TZ20 & the F500EXR..

Panasonic Likes - The colour, style, takes SD, the button positions, GPS

Panasonic Dislikes - Replacement battery is 50, 3D is a gimmick and I can't really use it without a 3D TV

Fuji Likes - I already have the same battery, I have the SD cards, I already know the functions

Fuji Dislikes - All my past cameras have died, the styling

So in the end, I bought the Fuji F500EXR..

I know slap my wrists,,, what am I doing, after all the words I said last night to myself, never again?

I chose the Fuji simply because of the menu and functions, i already had the disks and batteries.

I really, really liked the Panasonic and am sat here wondering why I didn't go for it...

I think for me to switch brand i need to play with it for about a week and then I would decide,,,, because I wanted the camera last night I was panicking and am cautious of change?

I will give myself up to 3 years with this camera, as that seems to be the limit for me owning things and will keep an eye out.

15-07-11, 09:37 AM
Just to let you know.

I charged the battery up on the Fuji F500EXR.

Went to start and play with it and the blue light on the power switch turns on and a flashing red light by the Video camera button was flashing away.

The screen stayed black.

I looked through the manual. The Fuji website doesn't have anything in support for the F500. By this time it was gone midnight and I'd basically had enough with the camera.

My husband tried it out in the morning and couldn't get it to work either.

I took it back to the shop. He was very nice about it all. He couldn't get it to work either. He called Fuji who said they didn't know. They have taken the camera and swapped it out for another F500, we tried this one in store and it all worked perfectly.

I don't hold much hope for the camera lasting 3 years and I will be doing more research into Panasonic Lumix....

15-07-11, 10:21 AM
Please don't get despondent, I still think that your chosen camera should give you many years of good work. Check out an image of mine which was taken on my old Fujifilm S9500, which is an autumn shot of Tatton Park with a pond and a bridge over it. Despite going back there each year I haven't been able to replicate this scene. Also check out the pics by DebzG because she uses a Fujifilm HS10 and produces stunning images. So chin up, big smile, and get snapping. Can't wait to see your pics, all the best, Mike.