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05-07-11, 01:18 PM
Hi all, i have searched the web for some clues but have not really come up with anything helpful, so hoping someone here can shed some light for me. My daughter is going to Naussica in france with the school tomorrow so i got my older digital camera out for her to take with her (shes only 11) its a samsung digimax s600 not great i know but the problem i have is i can take photos with the internal memory no problem they look ok then i put a sd card in and take a photo and the photo looks misty and the entire photo has horizontal lines running through it, tried 2 sd cards both the same problem i tried the 2 sd cards in my other digital camera and there is no problems with the cards themselves, so i get good photos from the cameras internal memory and bad photos from photos taken with the sd cards inserted but the problem is not with the cards. I have formatted the cards in the camera that makes no difference so could it be the card reader inside the camera. Any advice would be very welcome as i really dont want her to take the other camera and was looking forward to seeing all the fish from http://www.nausicaa.fr/

05-07-11, 02:24 PM
Hi Stacey. I think that you have already worked out that the problem lies with the camera and not the SD cards. It seems that you have two choices, first, is the camera's internal memory big enough for a photographic 'expedition', if it is then use use the camera as it is. If not then another camera would seem to be your best option. Don't forget also that a supply of batteries will be needed as they don't last long especially when doing lots of playback via the LCD screen which eats up batteries. All the best, Mike.