View Full Version : FinePix X100

30-06-11, 12:14 PM
Just about to order one on the assurance that Fuji says that the firmware is now in place
on the latest batch of cameras (and presumably any glitches corrected) when I read on the photoblogs a chorus of complaints from users over ISOs, A-Fs etc etc.

Doesn't inspire confidence, does it? Or maybe the complaints are over the top?
But at a purchase price of 1, 000 + you do need peace of mind giving over that amount of cash.

So FinePix X100...yes, or, no....

30-06-11, 04:40 PM
not used one but it is expensive for that money you could get a SDLR with a couple of lenses, the one with the x100 is fixed 35mm f2.
thats my thoughts