View Full Version : Panasonic TZ8 vs TZ10 - help please

16-06-11, 08:58 PM
HI all,

I have wavered from the Canon IS130 and decided to go for a TZ8 or TZ10 because I haven't seen a bad review of these cameras. The question is that the TZ10 is only 10 more than the TZ8 on Amazon at the moment and I wonder if offers the better value.

I'm not particularly bothered about having stereo video or the GPS but, for ten pounds difference, I wonder if it is worth getting the TZ10.

My main concern is battery life - I've seen some bad comments about the TZ10's GPS eating the battery so I wonder if it can be turned off (at all times) if required?

Any advice would be welcome.


16-06-11, 09:28 PM
The TZ10 has a higher resolution LCD (460K against 230k) and better video mode. Yes, the GPS detection can be turned off to aid battery life.