View Full Version : Advice on buying compact camera in price range 130-200 please?

12-06-11, 09:26 PM

In another thread, I said about my dropping my Sony Alpha 200 DSLR and that I may need a compact camera.

I like the Alpha 200 but it does tend to be bulky and I'd prefer to have a decent compact available for a trip to the US that is coming up.

I think I have the following requirements:

> Price range of 130 to 200
> Good all rounder with at least 10MP
> Decent optical zoom - at least 10x
> Decent battery performance
> Must have manual modes for A, S etc
> Must take video
> If possible, should be metal bodied
I'm not so bothered about GPS as I hear it is a battery hog.

I've had a few digital cameras (3MP Nikon Coolpix, 8MP Canon with 4x zoom, Sony A200) and I would say that the best picture quality came out of the Canon - in some ways, it outperformed the A200. So, I think I would prefer a Canon camera but wouldn't dismiss the others or a Panasonic.

On Amazon at the moment, they have the Panasonic TZ10 for about 180 quid which seems to be a well regarded camera both in 'magazine' reviews and by users on Amazon but I read that the battery performance was not great and it has GPS which I can't say I'm too interested in.

Can anyone make any recommendations and/or comment on the suitability of the TZ10?

Thanks in advance,

12-06-11, 10:02 PM
Just noticed the Canon SX130 at 170, too. I should add this to the list of possibles?

13-06-11, 10:57 AM
Hi, I'm going to suggest the camera you've just mentioned above, the Canon SX130 for the following reasons; it has the zoom you need,12X, which means you have a zoom of 28-336mm, a 12mp sensor, manual modes, image stabilisation, a 3 inch LCD screen, and takes AA batteries. It weighs in at 308g and as said before, you prefer the imagery from this brand of camera. The RRP is 199 but will be available cheaper by shopping around. All the best, Mike.