View Full Version : Calling all mad bikers!!

10-05-11, 06:25 PM
Hi to all our motor cycle enthusiasts, and how do I know that there are many of you? simply by observing the number of views recorded where images of motor bikes are displayed in the gallery, and furthermore, the number of views increase if the bike in the shot is doing a wheelie. Now that this has come to light is it possible for you guys (and gals) to show us your bike pics?. I know that many bikers are keen photographers and it's safe to assume that you visit the trackside on race days. On my last visit to the track I was standing next to a guy who was dressed in his leathers and also sported a lens that made my mouth water, it was a 400mm f2.8 prime lens, he told me that he got a bargain when he bought this lens as he only paid 9000 for it. My mouth dropped open and I'm sure I turned green with envy, so not only are many bikers keen photographers, they are also quite wealthy too!. Now what I want to know is this; what does this biker do with his pics, which must be outstandingly good, surely he can't just keep them in his PC. This is what started me thinking about this whole matter and I considered that maybe WDC magazine could have a section solely for motor bike photography, even a competition, which may encourage all you mad bikers to show us what must be your great images. Don't be shy folks, I know that you take such pics. I used to be a mad biker in my pre OAP days,and pine for a bike even now, but the wife won't hear of it alas. Nostalgia time now, I began with a BSA C15, then a Royal Enfield and there were others too. Oh what days of sheer bliss and excitement. Enjoy it while you're young I say because the days when it ends are upon us too quickly. So c,mon all, let's see those wonderful pics you're sitting on.