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09-05-11, 08:47 PM
"Oh dear yet another High Street photography shop has closed," my friend said to me recently. Funny, I thought, is this a new contagion, this is happening quite routinely nowadays. It was then that I felt like saying something along the lines of "I'm not surprised really", because while contemplating the idea that some uninterested shop assistant will be looking for another job, I also felt vindicated because of the sheer number of my prints that came back from shops like these in a dreadful state. The usual colour casts in my images were often complimented by many prints being folded in half, would you believe!. When I thought of all those times that I had to take my prints back and ask for reprints if you please, and this time can we get it right?. To be met with the usual blank stare as though I'd just asked what day of the month was Henry Fox-Talbot born on, made me feel a smirk of pleasure as I considered such shop assistants having to seek Job Seekers Allowance. Oh you're right of course, how could I be so unfeeling towards these poor creatures who treated us, the customer, as a nuisance who was there only to interupt their text messaging to their pals. Whatever happened to the saying "The customer is king"?, Well I thought, this is one customer who because of the way he was treated has since gone digital. What am I saying? maybe I should say a big thank you instead, because of all my prints that you ruined I went digital, and what a wonderful world I have discovered. One where I control everything and produce fine prints. Film,? you must be joking!! My message to the remaining High Street processors? Treat your customers as VIP's and you may stay open, ignore this and you will become as rare as rocking horse manure.!