View Full Version : Security V photography.

08-05-11, 07:10 PM
We read of so many instances where photographers have been stopped in the streets and shopping malls etc, by security guards who perhaps are eager to impress their employers with their vigilance. Is this a phenomenon that happens in other parts of the UK I pondered, or are we in the North West plagued by this problem as well. There's only one way to find out I reasoned so I thought I would begin with the railway stations in both Crewe and Liverpool, and after that I would visit Manchester Piccadilly. After alighting from the train I set off on a tour of the platforms sporting my Nikon D300 around my neck and perched atop of it was my Mecablitz flashgun, in all a very obvious set up that only someone asleep wouldn't notice. In the distance I spotted two security guards who were also armed, and it was then that I felt a bit apprehensive as I drew nearer to them. They looked at me for a moment and then looked away, would you believe it I thought, they're not interested and obviously don't regard me as a threat to our national security. I also experienced the same in Liverpool and Manchester stations. When I was in Manchester I went walkabout in the city centre and I was not approached at all as I took my pics, I found the same in Liverpool as well. I didn't do the shops in Crewe as they are quite a way from the railway station. So, is all this hassle that photographers put up with in other regions?. Here in the North West, common sense prevails!!