View Full Version : How to take bad images!

03-05-11, 08:47 AM
Answer? allowing ones self to get carried away by excitement. I should know better at my age (pensioner) but at the weekend I really was so excited at what I was seeing through my viewfinder that I forgot to implement all the know how that I have accumulated over the years. It concerned my fave subject, motor cycle racing, and I was snapping away getting lost in exuberance. You should get out more, I hear you say, and you're probably right. Anyway the sun was harsh and for where I was snapping in the wrong place, because the black tarmac of the track surface appeared white, I only became aware of this when seeing my pics in Picasa. I took loads of shots and to be frank they were rubbish and were deleted. The riders were exposed ok but not the track. Good job I always move positions frequently as other pics were ok as the sun hit the riders side on and I got them filling the viewfinder. Can't recall whether I used Spot metering or Matrix, but another lesson would be to keep checking metering via playback, I didn't through excitement. When the bikes thunder past at high speeds the hairs rise, and the smell of Castrol R assails the nostrils causing a total blank of all previously held knowledge of using my camera, now I know what a daft person I am. The answer is to use our cameras every day so as to become more in tune with them than the subject which is where I go wrong. I must try to be uninvolved with my subject and concentrate on camera settings and try to be professional. Our cameras should be like a second skin for us to get the best out of them, the saying is true, 'use it or lose it' and that applies to our techniques. So if you want to take bad pics, use your camera only once in a while like I do. Now, where's my camera!!!.