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20-04-11, 08:56 PM
One of the main drawbacks I am now experiencing with my Nikon D70 is dirty sensor, little dark marks in the same position on every frame. I am now constantly cleaning with Eclipse E2 and swabs but do not know how much more cleaning the sensor can take. My theory is that as cameras age with regular use they produce more and more wear particles that land on the sensor. Does anyone know how often a sensor can be cleaned or has any camera manufacturer produced an efficient sensor cleansing mechanism or a sensor that can be cleaned regularly at home.
Kind Regards..David

22-04-11, 07:50 PM
Hi David. May I suggest a site I found which provides loads of info on the very subject which is causing you some concern, it is: cleaningdigitalcameras.com There are loads of links which you can explore and I would be surprised if you couldn't find what you seek. Best of luck, and if it works ok for you perhaps you could pass on your experiences to other forum users. Kind regards, Mike.

27-04-11, 10:05 PM
Thanks mike
i have just returned from a sunset shoot. The digital images om my d70 are very dirty, cleaned up on paint shop, same dirt on every frame in same position. Think my sensor is knackered.. Hope the good old slide shots on my old reliable f301 will turn out ok ..kind regards ... David

07-05-11, 06:16 PM
I had the same problem with my D300 - and I've had to have it cleaned at the local store.
Yesterday, however I was getting desperate (since I had changed lenses in a dirty enviroment and the photos were full of dust artifacts) and decided to try it out using only what I had at hand.

So I took off the lens and used an air blower (actually it was a blower that we use for my sons ears). I held the camera upside down and used it first on the mirror and then on the sensor (I had to use the "mirror up for cleaning" setting in the menu - and the result was great :).

Try this on your own risk and make sure NOT to touch the mirror or sensos.

the blower looked something like this:


08-05-11, 06:57 AM
I also use a blower, one of the large bulbous ones and find it does a great job, but if specks of dust persist, I know you can buy wet cleaning fluid and swabs if you don't want to pay a lot out to have it done professionally..

08-05-11, 05:49 PM
Hi don't know if this will help. Last year i took a friend to the Nikon repairers in Glasgow to get his Nikon cleaned. They informed us that Nikon clean it once for free as long as the camera is under warranty... graham

11-10-11, 06:20 PM
My D70s which ive been using for the last 5yrs at least, has never been cleaned once. But it definately needs it! However, i try to not be concerned with the 'dark spots' too much, as i have had much practice with the clone tool and healing brush! Its become 2nd nature to get rid of the dirt during post processing. Much better than risk damage to the sensitive low pass filter.

12-10-11, 06:33 AM
Hi it's a problem we all face with our camera if you look on YouTube and look at wet sensor cleaning it shoes you how to do it and what you need.

12-10-11, 01:58 PM
How does nikon's cameras with sensor cleaning compare with my d70s that does nt? Do ppl notice much difference?

06-02-12, 01:48 PM
I have the same problem with my nikon cam.

14-02-12, 05:13 PM
I have had my D5000 for two and a half years with no dust that I've noticed but my D40 that I had before had to be blown off from time to time.
So the dust removal system must work but I have seen posts on other forums by severall people about oil spots on the D7000 sensor. So it looks like cleaning may always be an issue with DSLRs.
I have an old Panasonic bridge camera (my first venture into digital) which I have had for years and very often it's been on sandy beaches and in dusty places with no sign of dust at all and it has a zoom lens.

28-03-12, 05:13 PM
How does nikon's cameras with sensor cleaning compare with my d70s that does nt? Do ppl notice much difference?

I have used it a few times (D90) but there are quite a few small particles that aren't budging.I am going to try one of those rocket blowers next.
There are no local camera stores near me in N Ireland and i'm not too keen on sending my precious baby away.
This was one of the issues that prevented me from buying a DSLR sooner - i knew the dreaded dirty sensor would arise at some point.
I may have to try the swabs at some point myself :eek:

24-10-12, 03:22 PM
I have been using Digipads for many years now, they have some great bargains on Amazon at the moment, £10 for 10 swabs with small bottle of fluid.

25-10-12, 03:29 AM
I have the same problem with my nikon cam.

25-02-13, 04:12 PM
Hi.. I know this not an answer... But information for the future.. I have a large clear re-sealable plastic bag that I have modified by making two small holes on the side and glued two elasticated cuffs from a wind breaker (make sure use proper glue) that I use for changing lens in dusty environments.

This will not be 100% dust free but itís better than changing lens in open dust and wet conditions. The plastic bag is normally used for by chemical companies for various reasons That is about 4 x 3 ft in dimensions and can be rolled making it very small ideal for the backpack...

01-03-13, 03:11 PM
This sounds like good idea I'll give it a try

10-03-13, 12:22 PM
Kind regards, Mike.http://www.usa-nfl-houstontexans.info/25.jpg

13-08-13, 01:25 PM
Hello. I recently used this, which helped a lot....http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/2012/05/25/dont-bide-the-dust-a-perfectly-safe-guide-to-sensor-cleaning/. It was my first time doing the clean myself and it went surprisingly well. Prior to that I've always had it done professionally. bit difficult these days as the camera repair shops seem to be rapidly dwindling, but i have used an online service also. I think it was these guys http://www.thecamfix.co.uk/nikon-camera-repair.html. I'm not 100% sure but the site looks familiar. good luck, whatever route you decide!

15-08-13, 05:21 PM
I have changed lenses on my D90 Thousands of times and have yet to clean my sensor, had it 5 years now. My D300S has recently been showing a spot high up on the top left corner of images, at the moment I just crop it out, and allow for this when shooting, but admit to have done some research on cleaning kits, camera is now two years old so I will get round to it as the days draw in looks like I have been lucky so far...Mike.

12-09-13, 07:27 AM
I have been using Digipads on my D70 for a number of years now, with brilliant results. some great bargains on Amazon at the moment.