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01-04-11, 07:48 AM
Hi i have been looking at the underwater cases (cheap ones) that you can purchase of the internet and was woundering if anyone has used these before?.

My problem is that we are going to Thailand backpacking this year and i want to take my SLR but im scared of leaving it anywhere when im swiming in the sea also the last thing i want is a case that is going to allow water in!!!.

Below I have tried to add a picture of the king of product i am looking at.

http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/6622/waterproofbag.jpg (http://img541.imageshack.us/i/waterproofbag.jpg/)

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http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/7554/waterproofbag2.jpg (http://img11.imageshack.us/i/waterproofbag2.jpg/)

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Any help would be great