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30-03-11, 09:56 AM
Hi Guys total novice with this question, have read a lot about using off camera flash / mutable flashes in the magazine recently and was wondering this.
The flashes I own for my Sony Alphas A200 and A300 are the sigma 530 and a couple of compatible Minolta flashes, that I purchased cheaply off evil bay along with some I had laying around that are from the film era, what I need is a system to trigger these flashes from my camera that wont damage the camera. There seems to be two types: radio triggers with 4 channels and wireless with 4 channels, although to me they seem to do the same thing with just the price being different. The links below will take you to the two I am looking at.

Radio trigger


Wireless trigger


What Iíd like to test your knowledge on is will these fit and work with my Sonyís without damaging them and what you think to them bearing in mind Iím on a very very restricted budget due to the economic climate, with my earning dropping almost weekly. Also if you know of any dedicated Sony systems that fall into my limited budget this would be most helpful. As did do an internet search and could only find systems for Cannon and Nikon. Many thanks in advance for your replies and advice.
Also sorry if this question sound like a total plank but we are always learning in this game and this is new to me.

Happy snapping Aidy