View Full Version : Superb Support from Nikon

10-02-11, 04:21 PM
A couple of weeks ago I thought that I had a file naming issue with my Nikon D7000 the file numbering sequence jumped forward by over 4000 shots. I contacted Nikon Support and they were really helpful and checked every possible cause of the problem. The fault turned out to be was nothing to do with the camera and was caused when the memory card was corrupted after being inserted into my notebook computer. Despite this I was given superb advice and I now have the numbering scheme back to where it should. Well done Nikon. :)

22-04-11, 07:57 PM
Hi there. As a Nikon user myself I am encouraged by your experiences and I'm sure other forum users will benefit also. It's very thoughtful of you to pass on this particular experience because it gives all Nikon users the knowledge that this company are willing to help out if we encounter any difficulties with our cameras. I love my D300 to bits and bought it new in January 2008, so from me to you, many thanks and I hope you enjoy your camera as much as I enjoy using mine.