View Full Version : looking for a new compact and DSLR

08-01-11, 10:33 PM
We are looking for a new compact camera and also our first DLSR.

Originally I was looking at the Canon 550D, 500D and Sony A-55, but then someone told me that DSLRs are not that good at video because of the way they focus and use their sensor. Is this true?

I'm wondering if I should concentrate on a compact for HD video? Something like the Panasonic TX-10 or TZ-7?

Really I want to spend most of the money on the DSLR and 100-150 on a compact.

10-01-11, 08:58 AM
The question is what are going to take more of stills or video. If its stills then DSLR is the way to go.
I have the 550d and its takes great pictures it also seems to me that it does a good job on video but I dont take much video so I dont really know.