View Full Version : Replacement for FinePix S8000fd

04-01-11, 10:00 PM

Our New Year got off a bad start, literally 30 mins after midnight my s8000fd got knocked off the kitchen worktop onto a tiled floor, the LCD screen and case are cracked, the camera still functions fine tho - its a real shame as i think this is a cracking (no pun intended) camera.

Good new was when i brought the camera i took out an instant replacement cover, bad news is my choice seems limited.
I'd like to stick to a bridge camera, my current choices are add 30 and have a FinePix S2500HD, or add 90 and go for the Lumix DMC-FZ38. The store had a FinePix S1800 in, but it just felt really cheap in comparison to my current one.

The FZ38 seems to get good reviews, the S2500HD is closer to what i can afford, but i have no idea how they will compare to what i have at the moment.

Your opinions are greatly welcomed!


07-01-11, 11:17 AM
Sorry to hear of your problem, if you haven't already have a look at this site as they compare various cameras against one another.
If it happens to come up with the home page click on "sample images" over to the left side.
I hope it helps a bit. I am personally a Panasonic fan bridge camera wise. I have an old FZ7 which I still use along side my Nikon DSLR which is awesome.