View Full Version : Has Anyone Got the New Nikon D7000?

20-12-10, 01:16 PM
Has anyone got the new Nikon D7000? Or heard much about it? From what I can see, it's the perfect size to carry around, but has a really good sensor too. I can't begin to afford it yet but it's always nice to dream! If you've got any links to photos or videos, please feel free to post them up! :)

01-01-11, 03:43 PM
I have had my Nikon D7000 for nearly 3 weeks and love it. The D7000 has a whole raft of advanced features - I downloaded the manual and read it before finally deciding that this was the perfect camera for me. Rather than me telling you about the camera, go to Ken Rockwell's excellent web site. He will also tell you which lenses to buy.

03-01-11, 01:28 PM
Thanks, I've just checked out Ken's site; he's got some great things to say about the D7000. I don't agree with him about shooting Jpeg instead of RAW files though!

03-01-11, 09:50 PM
I can also recommend Ken Rockwell. It was his site that made me settle for my Nikon D50. I too am wanting a D7000. Just trying to get the money together which is very frustrating! :mad:

10-01-11, 02:55 PM
Seriously lads, do not go to Ken Rockwell's site, he is a joke. A lot of people reckon he's paid off by Nikon to push all their new models, as he suddenly changes his mind and whores whatever their latest one is. He once stated that the D200 was one of the best cameras around, but once the D300 came out he went back on that, changed the info on his D200 page and announced you shouldn't bother with it and should go for a D300. He talks a lot of BS tbh.

The D7000 looks a fine camera, it's a D90 with some more bells and whistles really, but the weather sealing alone makes it a fine purchase by any standards.

10-01-11, 05:19 PM
I agree with Ben's point about shooting jpegs - RAW is king.

Whenever anybody puts pen to paper we have to accept (and then respect) that it is their opinion. Ken Rockwell is only stating his considered opinion when he recommends Nikon DSLRs. It is interesting that he does not recommend a single Nikon compact camera - ALL of his recommendations are for Canon. I have a Canon compact and it is brilliant and I have Nikon a pair of DSLRs which are both brilliant too. But then that is only my opinion.