View Full Version : What is the difference between EOS & powershot?

04-12-10, 04:34 PM
I have some questions:
1. what is the difference between EOS and powershot (Canon)
2. For taking picture of moving objects like people during parties & kids, which one is the best camera?
3. what feature in camera I should be looking at for good night shots and less light (60W bulb) indoor pictures?

I have Canon SD990, it used to take good picture but is not doing that anymore..I only use Auto mode..so either it needs servicing or I have changed some settings by mistake. How do I check what is wrong?

Thanks in advance for all the help.


05-12-10, 03:58 PM
The EOS cameras are DSLR's and have inter changeable lenses.
To take pictures at parties you will need a camera with a high ISO and a good lens

22-06-11, 06:41 PM
If you think you have changed something by mistake, why not go into the menu and find "Reset All" which should reset your camera back to how it was when it was new.