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23-11-10, 01:28 PM
My wife is very arty and massively interested in photography. I am going to buy her a DSLR for Christmas and have pretty much decided on the Nikon D3100. Does anyone have any comments on this and advice about what else she will need? Probably a telephoto lens would be a good idea. She photographs a lot of plants, will she need a macro lens or is a standard lens sufficient? One other thing; she is a bit of a perfectionist with composition, content, focus etc which is not good when it comes to being spontaneous. I can bash off two or three "snaps" with my little cybershot while she is still messing around with lens cap and focus; if she gets the lens cap off in time!

23-11-10, 03:12 PM
I have the D5000 with 18-200mm Nikor lens.
Which I love for general all round photo's but if your wife is into flowers and insects etc I dont think it will be for her as it isnt really a macro lens.There are telephoto lens that claim to be macro but I doubt if they are in reality.There's a world of difference between a true macro and a lens which will get fairly close.
I had a Sigma 28-300mm some years back and that had a macro setting but imho wasn't much good.
Sorry I'm not being more positive but you may have to go down the two lens route.
If possible I would get her the body only then go to a dealer and let her try some lenses out with your own sd card, then she can find out what she really wants.It may save you money in the long run.
Good luck

24-11-10, 01:47 PM
Hi one thing to remember is that you buy into a system so make sure that the camera you get has the right lenses for you. Next is how it feels is comfortable are the buttons in the right place
. get her to try out a few makes then make a choice. It pays to do some research a macro lens will be useful but again you will need to price this item.

24-11-10, 08:08 PM
Hi for flowers the telephoto lens will be OK say the 70 – 300mm as they do 1:2 macro as for insects you will need a true 1:1 macro lens I personal use the tamron 90mm macro lens but would love their 180mm macro for a further working distance. You will also find the DOF on true macro work is very précised and to increase your DOF you will require some form of macro flash. Hope this helps Aidy