View Full Version : 1 lens to rule the streets?!

21-11-10, 02:21 PM
Observer or participant? Fixed or zoom? Fast or slow?
Quality or convenience? After everything considered, if there is one lens for street photography which wud be the daddy of the streets? Help!:rolleyes:

21-11-10, 04:00 PM
Hi jpgr....If i am shooting people on the street i use a small lens ether a 50mm or a 18- 55mm kit lens. The reason for this is that people can be wary of of you taking their photo with a large zoom lens.If I'm not taking photos of people then any suitable lens that will take the shot will do

21-11-10, 07:46 PM
I love the idea of a fast prime lens instead of a zoom, not only for the quality but the challenge of composition. thats the fun part of photography. However im sure I'd be losing more photo opportunities if I dont have a zoom lens.

21-11-10, 08:06 PM
A 50mm prime will keep you fit instead of zooming in you need to walk closer. Not much good if you take a photo of a clock tower though,Another good thing about a 50 mm lens is they only... cost about 90 for a canon and 120 for a nikon

21-11-10, 10:40 PM
Its likely i'll b investing in a prime lens. Its between a 35mm or 50mm. Wud like the wider view of the 35, bt it really wud be "in yer face" for street portraiture. But hey, good fortunes favours the brave!

22-11-10, 10:38 AM
i also have a 35 mm their also great for landscapes good luck graham