View Full Version : 200 on a 'point-and-shoot'

17-11-10, 09:48 AM
Hi guys,

Dropped my Lumix TZ8 into the Gulf of Mexico whilst trying to chase dolphins on a jet ski. Silly story! :rolleyes:

I have 200 for another point and shoot and I was looking at spending a few more and going for the TZ10 as I use iPhoto on my Mac an awful lot and love the geotagging features.

I'd say my main criteria (with not being a photographer!) would be ease of use, easy to use macro mode, GPS for geotagging and around 200 price tag. Does such a camera exist?

My only worry with the TZ10 is the size of the thing? The Sony HX5V looks good but a little out of the price range and I also dislike the memory card on the Sony as I have an SD slot on my Macbook and much prefer to use that than either a USB adapter or the camera cable.

Any advice appreciated!


17-11-10, 08:26 PM
Thanks for all the advice...

Went for a TZ10 that I found on eBay for 180 with 32GB card and carry case.