View Full Version : I need help please - Never bought a camera in my life

07-11-10, 05:11 PM
Dear all,

This is my first time i've ever bought a camera, I live in Italy and sell property, i need a DSLR but also HD Video, what is the best camera to buy to foto and video properties, I need to then upload the video and fotos to my web site. I want the easiest camera to use, not complicated, i have a budget of between 350 to 500 but would also consider buying a secondhand one, if anyone can recommend a web site to me? i've always wanted to get into photography and i'm hoping this is the time in my life to do so but do not want to be put off if i end up buying a very complicated camera.

Midsize camera will be ok but nothing larger

I hope you can all help me with my problem

Many thx for anyone who can help me


08-11-10, 07:32 AM
hi it will help if we know what you take pictures, then we can give better advice.

S Potter
08-11-10, 09:14 AM
Nikon have brought out a brand new camera ,the D3100 .This camera has a full HD movie mode and a price tag of around 500.Don't worry about being to complicated for beginers ,all these cameras have a fully automatic mode which is usually a green square on the main mode dial .