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dr strange
30-10-10, 11:31 PM
Firstly I'm a bit of a beginner. Not to photography, but to whats called 'Bridge Cameras'. Though If I'm going to be honest I really am an amateur...at best. But with a young family, a keen eye, and a promised Christmas present, I would love to upgrade to something better than the compact I already own.
I have a young family that's difficult to keep still. I take a lot of indoor pictures of them, and the house suffers from very low light even during the daytime. I like to take pictures at parties, concerts, and would love to ultimately produce prints up to A3 size (if that makes any sense?) I'm also hoping that in the little spare time I have, I would like to expand my interest in photography and take it seriously.
So with that in mind, I have made myself a shortlist of what I've been looking at across the net and in magazines. I would like to know from any experts, professional photographers, amateur photographers, geeks or whoever has a preference or opinion to honestly let me know what would be the best to go with. Ok, so they are...

Panasonic DMC-FZ38; Panasonic DMC-FZ45; FujiFilm HS10; Nikon Coolpix L100; Nikon Coolpix P100; Olympus SP800UZ

Any views would be welcomed, and feel free to add any other model within the price range that these point to. I really appreciate your time.

the dr.

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 03:30 AM
hi dr strange

can i ask why a bridge camera and not a Digital SLR you want to up grade to.
ive never used a bridge camera my self but with what you have said would not a DSLR give you more control over your photos over time and save u money up grading to one later :)

dr strange
31-10-10, 07:18 AM
Hi Blitz, Thanks for your reply. I looked into DSLR's, and still give them great thought, but I guess it came down to budget. I've got myself a generous 250 to spend (bearing in mind I got 3 little girls who want Christmas presents too!!!), and some of the 'bridge' specs look to suit me right now. I had my compact for quite a few years, so I don't intend to change for some time. But you are right, DSLR's are possibly the better option, and the way forward. I just can't find a decent one in my budget.


Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 12:09 PM
hi dr strange

yep all ways comes down to the money even the canon Eos 1000D is selling for about 350 with the kitlens
i wish you luck m8 in getting a new cam
it is hard to make the right choice i know i was the same people were telling me get a Canon others Nikon did me head in in the end i saved a bit more money and brought at the time the new Canon EOS 500D as a deal with Twin lens and as the saying goes the rest is history