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28-10-10, 09:05 PM
Hi any wizzos out here might know why my lightroom 2 is a bit darker than all my other programs in normal use its set to srgb as is cs2 and screen but colours are fine on all programs and lets say zoombrowser, dpp, standard microsoft picture opener and picasa all look similar light levels and anything printed from zoombrowser is spot on but if i open same image in lightroom 2 its the same colours but bit darker overall there dosent seem to be any adjustment boxes availabe to set it up
i dont have a monitor calibrator but there again all the rest are ok so even if i did have one it would only set them all up as a blanket change not just lightroom
regards dodgysteve

29-10-10, 07:14 AM
does it print dark as well

29-10-10, 09:57 AM
hi if you mean printing from lightroom i dont use it it always wants to print purple and orrible im guessin it a printer driver issue with lightroom but if i work on picture in lightroom then export to a pc picture folder which i do to save to another hard drive it opens up as a lighter image and will print from canons zoombrowser with very high quality colour and results (but lighter ) go figure hu
regards steve

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 04:00 AM
hi dodgysteve
what icc colour spaces are the photos that you are inporting in to lightroom are they SRGB, Adobe RGB 1998 Profiles as i had some thing like this when it came to printing using built in software like lightroom, photoshop ,& even the software that came with my cam some would print the way i saw them on the screen and others would come out to dark and after hours of reading the web wasted photopaper & bugging epson for proper icc profiles for my home printer with emails i sorted it out and found the higher the gamma i set for my prints the dark my photos turned out

best to see if your printer as any up dates or check your gamma level on the printer worked for me

hope that can be any help to you russ

31-10-10, 10:39 AM
hi i can see where your coming from with the gamma thing but ive sort of gone the same route over a period of time but now have all set at srgb camera lightroom and cs2 if i print from my canon zoombrowser (which has always given me pretty much what you see is what you get) when i open up and click between zoombrowsr image and lightroom image there just seems to be maybe a third to a half a stop (camera image wise) difference almost to the point of if i export from lightroom i compensate by making it a bit darker then it opens up in other programs ok and prints fine , very odd i tend to use srgb as it prints or opens up more like it looks as opposed to adobe anything which has a better colour gammut but when i print it im generally dissapointed because it cant see the extra colours unless anyone can convince me otherwise, i used to do adobe rgb but never really got what i wanted except on my nec 24"graphic monitor (which is also now set to srgb default) and(which i luv to bits) then picture is defineatly better
regards steve

31-10-10, 11:11 AM

You don't say what file format you're shooting in?

Lightroom uses Adobe ProPhoto RGB colour space (with sRGB tone curve) by default and that cannot be changed. You can change the format for external editing and also for exporting.

Regardless of whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG I would always set the camer to AdobeRGB, you capture the maximum info, regardless of whether you notice it in most images. You can always convert to sRGB for the web etc.

I can't be sure but maybe if you're shooting in RAW your other programmes are reading the embedded JPEG so you are seeing a procesed image where Lightroom is just reading the RAW image?. Cetainly don't trust windows viewer for accurate colour rendition. Sounds to me like you need to profile your monitor as astarting point. However, I don't understand why photoshop would make it look different from lightroom but again you may have camera raw incompatibilities between the two programmes or working in different colour spaces.

With regard to printing from lightroom, you need to:
Allow Lightroom to do the colour management (settings on right)
Ideally, install an ICC profile matched to your paper and printer and select it before printing (setting is near the one above)
Most importantly of all, switch off ICC colour management and/or any other 'photo enhancement' stuff in your printer settings

If you don't do this, the colour processing will be done twice resulting in weird colours.

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 11:45 AM
hi ste
what model of printer do you use if you dont mind me asking
as mhk1058 said about other software reading the info of the photo
i now that if i inport any of my photos taken edited in to Photoshop CS5 to Epsons easy photo print software then it reads the Exif/DCF Colour Space and in old versions of photoshop Pimp 2 used to work on epon printers.

russ :)

31-10-10, 11:55 AM
Hi thanks for reply now im even more baffeled it dosent say in lightroom 2 that its default is profoto srgb converted, oh urm im not that well up on systems structures . Sorry answer to first bit is , i always shoot raw and srgb and i have to say the initial images in lightoom are really flattt and i tweak acording to how i feel . Oh and sorry the images opened in cs2 look identical to lr2 exported images (cs2 is also set to srgb otherwise every time you open imge you have to choose) typical also now cant find where to change input in lr2. My only other issue if i change lr2 to (what ! ) i have thousands of images set to srgb, they then will appear different (not much good for thousands of wedding images )im now going to re read your last post again see if i can grasp it , im sure your right but its so far been the only way i can make them look correct is srgb from camera through to print and web
err yep ok now where to go !!! Regards steve
ps im maybe gonna think i wish i hadnt asked original question !

31-10-10, 12:30 PM
Hi , printer is a canon ip 5000 and still prints really well up to a4 so i feel if it aint broke dont fix it ! And the economy has seen to me not buying a new one anyway !
I have no issue with what i see in canon zoombrowser then to print its fine all colours look same in all programs as mentioned above just this 1/3 ish stop brightness issue with lr2 to other any other program folder issue. Oh sorry cs2 looks like lr2 oh and i just tried working out lr2 printing and again see why i dont bother with it (im all for a simple life) its a pain to set even a simple 6"by 4 test print as no option given it always wants to do a4 and im not wasting a4 paper
regards steve

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 12:34 PM
hi ste
have you thought of not up grading Photoshop to CS5
seeing as you dont use lightroom 2 for printing your photos as CS2 abit out of date nowadays
you might find the new up grade is just want you need i up graded from cs3,cs4 & now to cs5 dont now if you can use cam raw with your canon in cs2 then you would not need lightroom as you can do the same in cam raw that comes with photoshop

and edit them using the new version of cam Raw which is just like lightroom were you can set the colour space of what photos your inporting them in to from the start so that every thing stays the way you like in srgb a lower gamma space

hope this helps you out i know it does your head in m8 it did mine
cheers russ :)

31-10-10, 01:13 PM
I really cant see any point in me upgrading to cs ??? As most of my workflow is carried now in lr2 if anything i would do that first, i would say 98% of my workflow is lr2, cs is for cloning and freetransform?warp, radial/zoom blur etc and no i cant open canon 50d raw in cs2 but big tifs from lr2 fine and i sort of begrudge giving adobe more money each time i change camera because they wont support it ! Its total monopoly syndrome again !! Ala microsoft
sorry if that sounds like a rant its not at you
regards steve

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 01:44 PM
well ste
even light room as had better things done for it now in version 3
i cant work with light room my self not a nuff control over my photos but using photoshop cs5 gives you total control of your photo and you will find ste that they support all cams there days new and old models

as things get better you cant move forward in my eyes if your using software thats out dated m8 and not up for the job i now its more money but the less time we spend editing sat in front of a pc screen software that speeds up a workflow soon pays for its self its like buying a small car and expecting it to be like a sports car not going to happen

all i can say ste is your missing out i think one thing id not go back to cs3


31-10-10, 02:11 PM
Hi but myself i find it easier to import say 1500 wedding pics into lr select and tag/colour as reqired and batch process and modify loads inthe time it takes to bridge and open in cs, but maybe thats just my version !
I think most of my images go way beyond what most people can do with cs5 anyway ! You could run same argument with camera i only have canon 50d but i think i know how to use it as opposed to seeing people with top line units taking mediocre images hey there ive said and if it aint broke dont fix it
regards steve

Blitz Photography & Prod
31-10-10, 02:36 PM
ste you can do all this in cam raw like you say if you get the photo right in cam first you dont need loades of editing any the normal stuff
i shoot over 800 photos last week on a trip to my local zoo
all edited in cam raw took a few days
if u can get to see the new photoshop in action you would see what im saying its well worth the up grade blows light room away in my eyes all done in one software not having to keep moving files from software to software but each to there own i say :cool: