View Full Version : Panasonic or Canon

14-10-10, 10:49 PM
Hi there, I'm after a family compact for photo's of the Kids and family parties etc. would like a compact that is quick to start up and shoot but also good indoors. thinking about the Panasonic lumix FS 30 but budget between 100 and 150 so not much to play with. need some sudgestions as all reviews vary.

18-10-10, 03:13 PM
The FS30 is a cracking compact, and would work well for your needs. I would also consider the Canon IXUS 95 IS, as it offers some similar specs for the same money; http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/equipment/reviews/compactcameras/24114/1/canon-ixus-95-is-review.html

19-10-10, 10:02 PM
Thanks for your reply, is the canon ixus 95is a baby model of the ixus 105is?

27-10-10, 07:09 PM
Canon cameras will often be the most reliable.