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08-10-10, 05:31 PM
Hi Guys

Just a question, im looking to purchase a digital SLR with HD recording, pref 1080 but will cope with 720 ( as i am aware on some models you can crack them and higher it to 1080)

Anyway, Canon is obviously out of my price range, but i have been looking at a Panosonic Lumix GF-1 and a Samsung NX-10.

Can any one help by saying which one is best or any other models that i decent.


Nicholas & Nick

Nigel Atherton
11-10-10, 10:45 AM
We haven't compared the GF1 and NX10 side by side yet but its worth pointing out that neither of these is actually a DSLR. Although they do have interchangeable lenses, neither has an optical viewfinder - the NX10's is electronic and the GF1 doesn't hve one at all (it's an optional extra at additional cost). Both are small and compact, if that's what you want, but neither will have the response or speed of focusing, for exxample, of a DSLR.

Both of these cameras are pretty good and did well in our tests but if its a DSLR you want and its just the cost you're worried about take a look at the new Nikon D3100 (http://www.europe-nikon.com/en_GB/product/digital-cameras/slr/consumer/d3100). Although we haven't reviewed it yet (we're getting a sample to test next week) it does have full 1080p AVCHD video recording with full servo AF. You can get it from Jessops among other places for 500 (http://www.jessops.com/online.store/products/78032/show.html), which is barely any more than the GF1 or NX10.

11-10-10, 01:14 PM
Thanks for the reply.

Just checked out the Nikon D3100 and very impressed with the results.

Im unsure when it comes to the whole spec of these things and i suppose i really need to up my game. But the different between say the GF-1 and NX to the D3100, what is the actual difference. I know the viewfinder and the SLR features do not come with the GF-1 but other than that whats the difference.

Im looking to purchase a camera that brings out good flowing quality full HD movies, and along with it had a good camera as well. To me the D3100 sounds like the winner am i right?

Thanks again

Nigel Atherton
11-10-10, 03:39 PM
The Nikon will give you the best image quality and the greatest range of lenses over a hundred to choose from by Nikon, Sigma, Tamron etc covering everything from fisheye to super telephoto. Also the option of picking up any of thousands of cheap second hand lenses).
It will be the fastest to use and give you the most control over your shots and there is huge accessory support

GF1 and NX10 have smaller range of lenses and accessories but the cameras are smaller and ligher (esp the GF1)

Depends what you want.