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30-09-10, 09:22 PM
I am new to photography, even though I am 59 years of age. My passion for growing flowers and vegetables and entering them into competitions has lead me into photography. I wanted to take shots of my garden and also close ups of plants and insects. I am very much a beginner and still learning how to use my DSLR.http://://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/gallery/files/3/7/0/8/giant_leaves1.jpg

05-10-10, 07:43 PM
hi Suelen. Welcome to the forum:)

Blitz Photography & Prod
21-10-10, 10:52 AM
hi suelen

welcome after reading your post i dont think it matter what age we are at taken photos i hope im still doing this when im 90 if i live that long ha ha as long as you injoy it thats all that matters suelen and im sure you will soon get to grips with your dsrl

12-01-11, 11:24 AM
Welcome to the best hobby one can imagine. My father was a keen photographer and I was given a Box Brownie when I was little. I have not looked back and, although I am not going to make any serious photographers lose any sleep, I get the greatest of pleasure from being creative. I have been a cabinet maker and the world's worst guitar player and now write full time but photography keeps me excited. Your garden will give you a great supply of subjects. Make sure you can shoot macro.

12-01-11, 03:10 PM
Welcome you find useful to join a local photo club in your area. I know ours does lots to help beginners. Good Luck

18-01-11, 10:30 PM
Welcome to the wonderful world of photography! The best hobby in the world.