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TOM :)
05-09-10, 07:19 AM
I was wondering about your opinions on lens converters(the ones which allow you to use any lens). Do they damage image quality? Do they break easily? it seems too good to be true that you can use a nikon lens on a canon and visa versa:confused:

06-09-10, 10:58 AM
Hi Tom, thanks for posting. Almost all converters from one mount to another carry issues, such as disabling the AF feature or reading the metering slightly differently. As it's a third party product you're using it's also necessary to tread carefully, as the level of access to the actual technology involved in making the lenses will be limited.

Going from a manual lens to an autofocus body will carry the least problems, as it's necessary for the user to do the majority of the work regardless, but the differences in contact placements and how the mount is fixed means you will mostly experience dropoff in the electronic features, not necessarily the image quality. That being sad, as the electronics will need to be fed information from the lens about the lighting to gauge an accurate exposure there's every possibility you'll be forced to do the work manually anyway.

I hope this was of some assistance,