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04-09-10, 03:07 PM
Help needed ??

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W330 and have taken a number of photo's using varying settings and the intelligent auto mode.

I have saved the photo's on my PC using the Picasa3 software. Some of the photo's were cropped and retouched... nothing drastic though.

However when i have printed out the pictures using the self service 'things' at Boots and Tesco the pictures are grainy and of a poor quality ??? It tends to be the pictures that have been cropped that are the poorest in quality.

Secondly i'm not entirely happy with the quality of photos, even without any retouching etc. Is it me or the camera

20-09-10, 08:06 AM
can you post some pics here so we can see them. what size are you trying to print and how much have you cropped.

20-09-10, 06:10 PM
You will be losing a lot of the quality in your photo when you crop and do things like fill light in them in programmes like Picasa.

Try running your photos through Photobox. When you click on order you can also check the quality of them.

What DPI are you printing them at? I usually change the original photo to 300dpi before I have them printed.

Also check the white balance if it's available on what you are shooting on.

Do you use a tripod?

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC- w150 and it takes some great shots, but gives me lots of noise if I am trying to take long distance shots.

Just some thoughts and ideas. I hope you ge tit sorted out.


22-09-10, 07:35 AM
Have you calibrated your monitor. One thing that can affect quality is colour space try set up. I have looked at the Boots web site and found that they need to be set for SRGB. I have not yet found what tesco needs to be set for but SRGB is the common.

22-09-10, 03:21 PM
I work in a college and we did have a problem with some images from a low end Nikon camera - found through trial and error that it was auto iso setting - if it was set at iso 100 to 400 the picture was perfect, auto iso seemed to introduce a lot of noise into the image - did contact Nikon but they said there was nothing they could do about it.:confused:

As said above it could be the cropping that is a problem but sometimes you have to look a little further - hope this helps you a little.

Blitz Photography & Prod
29-09-10, 12:09 AM

over the last few years ive found that a lot of there places on line like asda ,tesco
for having photos printed dont get the same look as what i see on my pc screen
like jan put photobox am really good if i try and up load to asda or tesco i have to down grade my photos first were with photobox i can up load any size photo and dont have to down grade it and there prints when u have them back are just like what u see at home on the pc screen
they give you all the info you need to proof your photos before up loading them inside photohop if people use that software and like jan said you can see on there web site what the quality is going to be like they all so tell you if your photos at low quality before you go to the end sale

i swear by them for my bigger prints ive had a few now printed at 30x20 for people and there over the moon with them

hope that can be of some help to you