View Full Version : Astronomy Camera Shoopping list

27-08-10, 04:01 PM
Hi All,
I need a DSLR for Astronomy. The features I want are:

18Mp or higher
Good low light performance
internal image stabilisation
1024 HD video
Live View.

Does anyone know of a camera that has these features?



29-08-10, 08:21 PM
Are you going to hook it up to a spotting scope?

31-08-10, 08:33 PM
Well, here goes:

18mp or higher:
Sony a900/a850, canon 7d/550d/5dmkii/1dsmkiii/60d, nikon d3x

Good low light performance:
Canon 7d/5dmkii/550d/1dmkiv/60d, nikon d3/d3s/d700

Internal IS:
All recent sony and pentax DSLR's

HD video:
Canon 7d/5dmkii/550d/60d, nikon d3100

Live view:
All canon and nikon cameras, all sony cameras except a900/a850/a700

Your best match for the spec list is the 5dmkii, having a 21mp sensor, possibly the best video on the market, live view and good low light performance. Having said that, the 7d is almost the same, but it has an 18mp aps-c sized sensor, meaning that you can multiply your lenses focal length by 1.6x if I am not wrong, so a 500mm gives you the equivalent of an 800mm lens. A camera which might be worth the wait is the 60d, featuring a very high quality articulating screen and great low light performance, it also features a great video mode, the only thing that separates this from the 7d is build quality and burst rate :)

The sony a900/a850 boast the highest megapixel count, but lack features such as live view and video, but in place of that you get a massive, very bright viewfinder and, a feature not found on their canon and nikon equivalents: in camera stabilisation.

Nikon on the other hand don't do high res sensors apart from the d3x, which lacks quite a few features on your list.