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20-08-10, 02:42 PM

First time poster here looking for some advice.

I love photography and tend to take my of my pictures when travelling. I've not invested in a DSLR due to the weight and size of kit that I would have to carry around - several years ago I borrowed a Nikon D50 for a trip and did have a few issues trying to keep it clean and managing with the lenses.

I currently have a Canon S5 IS which has been an okay camera, I do shoot using the manual controls/settings and have been frustrated by it's speed at times so I'm rethinking by investing in two cameras. I'll get a DSLR and want a good compact camera to go with it for times that I need something light and unobtrustive.

I have a trip coming up next weekend and would love to break in the compact first, and will take that and the S5 IS.

At first I looked at the waterproof range and I liked the idea of the Olympus Mju Tough 3000 Digital Camera. I spend a fair bit of time outside and I'm a keen kayaker but I understand they suffer from poor image quality.

I would really like a compact with a decent wide angle lens for landscape photography. I'm a Canon fangirl for no realy good reason but given a choice I would prefer to stick with the Canon brand.

Can anyone advise me on a compact offering the best image quality with a wide angle lens. I don't care about styling or screen size but would like it to be fairly small. If a waterproof one exists even better! I'm happy to go upto 200 for the right camera, but I don't want to spend for the sake of it if a 150 will do the job.

20-08-10, 03:08 PM
Shoudl also add that one of my favorite features of the S5 IS is the LCD that rotates out making it easy to take self shots! I don't think any cameras have this now though?