View Full Version : Dont know what to buy??!! Help required

Joe in Leeds
10-08-10, 07:57 PM

I am wanting to buy a DSLR camara but am unsure about what to get. I am hoping to sign up to a photography course so as yet am still unsure about a lot of the lingo. I just need some good honest advice, I have been reading some of the reviews on this site but like I said am unsure about some of the technology! I am looking to spend 400-500 and am after an all rounder - something that can do everything if possible?! Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

11-08-10, 07:16 AM
Hi and welcome. first thing to remember is that you are buying into a system so look at the lens that are available to you. Signing up for a course is good, what to get is a bit harder my advice look at your budget select a couple of cameras and go to a shop and look at them see how they feel. They will come in a kit form with a lens usually 18-55 not bad for a start it goes from wide to a litle bit of zoom and should enable you to get going.