View Full Version : Pentax Optio M90 or Sony Cybershot DSCW380? Or other..?

14-07-10, 04:53 PM
Hi peeps

I'm after a compact digital camera that I can easlier take around but still with a decent enough spec. The one I was going to go for was the Pentax Optio M90, the reason for this was years ago now I previously had the Optio S - which was a cracking little camera I thought, about the width and width of a credit/bank card and not much in depth.

So i've been looking into getting the M90 and pricing it up when I thought about the Cybershot DSC W380. But while its got a greater resolution, I'm not sure if 12.1 or 15.1 will make a great different for my needs and also for the price increase. One thing I did like when I looked at the cybershot was the panoramic side of it as I love doing these type of shots. Having said that wouldn't want to take the fun away, if I wanted it more accurate I could use a tripod or as I used to do it 'freehand' and photoshopping/joining them later. I could imagine that pano thing that works so well in the adverts being a bit flakey and not so easy when you actually use it!

So, I'm really not sure, does anyone have an experience or any advice at all? Or maybe someone could suggest a better compact?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your advice!