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13-07-10, 09:37 PM
helo all hope someone can help?
i seem to be having great problems with this and just cant get my head around this.
i know how to make an image smaller but need to know how to get the correct size, res ect, ie for entering online competitions are the file sizes required as an opened file or unopened i realise i may be making a complete fool of myself but just cant seem to get it.any definitive help would be greatly appreciated trie all sorts of dowloads and web sites but DER still not there!!:confused:

14-07-10, 08:38 AM
Hi bazz46,

Assuming you are using a version of photoshop then do the following to downsize images for the web.

Go to IMAGE, IMAGE SIZE at the bottom of the resize box change the RESOLUTION to 72 (DO THIS FIRST)
Now change the pixel dimentions to what you want or use the document size figures. play about with all the settings and you will get an idea of what happens. You can constrain the proportions or do this manually by ticking or un-ticking the boxes at the bottom.

When you have resized your image you now need to save it for the web and get the file size down to just below what the website accepts. To do this go to FILE, SAVE FOR WEB. You will see the quality slider setting at the top right of the dialogue box. Use this slider to lower the quality of the image which in turn lowers the actual file size. Take a look at the file size settings for the image. You will see these just below on the left side of your image.

When you move the slider at top right you change the image file size at bottom left. It also tells you how long in seconds it will take your picture to open in a web browser.

Once you have finished with your settings click save and RENAME your image it so you do not mess up your original file.

Hope you can follow all of the above. Mess about a bit and it gets really easy. It should be similar if you are using a different programme I would imagine.

I usually set my images to 6x10 inches with a resolution of 72dpi then use the save for web dialogue box to get the file size just below the required size. The picture stays at 6x10 inches but the information (file size) is reduced making it quicker to open in a web browser.

Good luck

15-07-10, 07:17 PM
thanks alot ill give it ago i know its sound easy and i can resize but just been unable to get it properly sorted
perhaps you could go thro this one .
picture size 29.7cm x 21cm@i1mband a resolution of 300dpi
this one really confused me ,hope you can help sort this out and i shall also give it a go n let you know cheers bud!

15-07-10, 07:53 PM
sorry to be a pain but just had a look at the comp on this site and dont seem to be able to work out what needed i understand how to get an image here now but whats needed as the end result ie the 300dpi ? is that as an opened file or what DER!:confused:

28-07-10, 12:41 PM
If you're looking at the WeAdmire competition, the person who created this is away but I think I can help with that.

Basically, if you win the competition then we'll need you to send an image at least 300dpi as that's the minimum requirement for printing something and they'll need to be able to print it on a t-shirt.

If you're not sure what the dpi of your image is, here's how you can check: if you have Photoshop, it should tell you if you go to 'Image', and select 'image size'. Most other editing packages should have the same function, usually named something similar.

By the way, you only need to supply the 300dpi CMYK version if you win. You should upload them to the gallery in sRGB and at 72 dpi really (that's better for the web). If your editing package has a 'save for web' option then that should save it in the right format - just make sure you don't save over your original file, as you might need that later!

Hope that helps.