View Full Version : Sigma 8-16mm HSM review

13-07-10, 04:20 PM
I couldn't find a review of this lens so I tried to write one myself :o
The result can be found here:http://www.stockholmviews.com/sigma_8-16/index.html

Enjoy if you like it, get out if you don't :0)

19-04-11, 08:28 PM
Hi Greggan.
Just read your review and all I can say is WOW!!. What an accomplished review this is and I have to say that I've never seen anything as comprehensive either. Your comparison charts and photos show so much information that I'm left with the impression that nothing has been omitted. I can't imagine how you did all this, unless you have a masters in computing. I salute you sir on a brilliant piece of work..