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02-07-10, 10:40 PM

I have been offered a "Nearly New" Sony Alpha A100 - and was wondering if it would be a good starter unit for me..

It seems tyo be heaving good reviews - http://www.kangareview.com/review/showitem/ITEMID/22745

but I wanted a few opinions from people that may know a bit more.. specificly, is it a good starter camera, and will i be able to buy kit for it and expand it, as i get better, and use it more etc...

cheers in advance

03-07-10, 11:00 AM
Well, I have an a200, and there's not much difference, slightly quicker af and different design, but apart from that, the a100 should be a great camera :)
Regarding the expanding kit: You can expand as much as you like, maybe start with the kit lens, then you could get the 50mm 1.8, then a flashgun, and to finish a 70-300 never hurt. Once you have all that it's pretty much a complete kit, you have your wide angle to semi telephoto, a telephoto and a fast indoor lens.