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Andy Beattie
23-06-10, 06:34 PM
I'm wanting to upgrade my 35mm SLR to DSLR, and having Minolta Dynax I realise opting for Sony Alpha is my easiest option as my kit would integrate without extra expense
I'm looking at spending around 250, and am swaying towards the A300/A350/A380 if I can find within my budget
Has anyone any tips/advice on such an upgrade?
Is the 300 series a vast improvement on the 200 series?
What lens range would my exsisting 28-105 and 100-300 lenses compare to in DSLR?


Nigel Atherton
28-06-10, 11:10 AM
Hi Andy,

To my knowledge there's no Sony Alpha that you could by for 250. The cheapest Alpha body I can find is the now discontinued A230, which is a good basic DSLR that has a reasonable spec and performs well, but costs closer to 300. Warehouse Express is still advertising it for 289 (http://www.warehouseexpress.com/buy-sony-alpha-a230-digital-slr-body/p1519404) for the body only, and Argos has it on sale for 269 (http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5592867/Trail/searchtext%3ESONY+A230.htm) with the 18-55mm kit lens. To be honest that's a great deal and I'd snap it up quick before they sell all their stock.

The Alpha 350 is a good camera ut long since discontunued and i doubt you'd find a new one now. Its widely felt that the A300/330 series were a backward step for Sony because of the strange body design which makes handling a bit of a marmite experience. So not only is the A230 not worse, in many ways its seen as better than the newer A300 and A330.

As for your lenses, the sensor in the A230 is smaller than 35mm film making your lenses' field of view the equivalent of 1.5x longer in focal length in 35mm film SLR terms. So your 28-105mm would give you the same view as a 42-155mm on your Dynax, and the 100-300mm would be equal to a 150-450mm. Using just these two lenses would leave you without a wideangle, which is why buying the A230 with its 18-55mm kit lens would be a good idea.

One word of warning the image quality obtained when using 35mm lenses on digital is variable, due to the different optical characteristics of sensors. Some lenses perform well, others don't. You'd have to try yours and see. Even if they don't by our rigorous testing standard you may find them good enough for your needs. Everyone has their own quality threshhold.

Andy Beattie
28-06-10, 11:32 AM
Thanks Nigel
I bought a secondhand A380 body for 245 :)
Just missed out on a BNIB A380 body for same price

Thanks for the info on lenses, most of my photography I use standard & telephoto, but will invest in a DSLR wide angle to complete my range ;)

Thanks for the warning on image quality too :)