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17-06-10, 10:14 PM

I have a Fuji S7000 that I purchased around 5 years ago from Singapore:D. I was thinking it's getting old now and was looking at a replacement. It's in full working order but is looking tired and will no doubt let me down one day so I thought do I do it while I have time on my hands:confused:. Having said that it's been a very good camera and has never missed a beat:cool:

It has a 19x zoom and is 6mp with two memory card slots (CF and XD) of which I have collected a few over the last 5 years.

Do I replace it or not? And what with? another bridge or DSLR?

I have looked through the June mag and the "techie" stuff out there is overwhelming.:confused:

The fight club shows two bridge cameras that look good but has the zoom only moved on 1x since mine was made. I know the new Fuji is 30x but not sure about the build quality.

I have a budget of around 400 to 500 but don't want to spend it on a camera that doesn't give me much more than what I have already.

I mainly take Family pictures, holidays and do enjoy landscapes and night shots. I still have 2 35mm bodies and all the lenses but was put on the back seat when the Fuji came along.

Look forward to you replies

18-06-10, 01:12 AM
the finepixs100fs the finepixs200exr and the finepixhs10 have improved in leaps and bounds since yours but heres a site for you to check out

hope that helps

18-06-10, 08:21 AM
hi went through the same thing good prosumer 3 going on 4 years old what to do next main contenders dslr e620 or a 500d. then canon brought out the g11 so back to research and the g11 was tempting i must admit but then the 550d came along nd for me that made my mind up so now proud owner 550d and no regrets. keeping the prosumer as well as i can still find uses for it.
hope this helps

18-06-10, 10:52 AM
Hi Silver

What 35mm cameras do you have? I was just wondering because I had an old Minolta AF camera with lenses and I bought a Sony DSLR so that I could still use them. It saved me a fortune on lenses and you might find that your lenses fit one of the modern DSLR bodies, if you're considering one. Just a thought :)

Take care, Debi

19-06-10, 09:58 AM

Thanks for the info, I will continue with the research. Debi, Thought about that but They are a Praktica B, good Carl ziess lenses but I was advised when I purchased the Fuji 5 years ago of "don't bother" So I didn't.